Cody Technology Park is


A choice of existing shared or new discrete fibre is available to all tenants
  • For a fast start to your occupation, existing shared fibre can be utilised via firewalls, with conversion to discrete fibre later if desired.
  • In place are high capacity connections from, BT, Vodafone, Interroute, and Virgin Media, with diversity to separate exchanges.
  • Alternately you can use our independent service provider Nomis Connections. Nomis Connections has been selected by QinetiQ to provide internet services at Cody Business Park.
  • Through this partnership, we’ve installed fibre connectivity that can be switched on instantly. There are two service options available to occupiers:
    • A dedicated internet service, offering your business a direct 1:1 connection between Cody and the Farnborough exchange. Connections have excellent SLAs, and bandwidth is scalable to your changing needs.
    • A contended internet connection, where you’ll share your connection and bandwidth with other businesses in the area.


Power for powerful business
  • Cody Technology Park boasts a large single user supply, delivered via private infrastructure
  • 40 MVA surplus power is readily available via the private infrastructure
  • The Park has alternative back up supply at 5 MVA